About My Story

The story of me and my 13 cats

I am the owner of this website and also a girl who owns 13 different breeds of cats,I love them very much!I can sleep and play with them every day.At that time I felt that happiness was just like this!💗

In November 2021, my two cats, Miumiu and Pagy, were diagnosed with FIP. I spent a lot of money to take them to several vet hospitals to receive treatment, and it broke my heart to see my cat kids having a hard time in the hospital bed. But in December 2021, the disease took their lives and they went to the heaven.Can you imagine when you watch cats you've had for years lose its breath in front of you...

I was so sad and missed them so much that I had depression for the next six months. But I knew life couldn't stand still, so I created this brand - Maotaimeng. in honor of my cat kids and other cats.

I used the best faux leather and faux hair to make these adorable cat bags by hand and sewing, just like my cats.My products include three different sizes of cat hand bag and a small size charm.I hope that every girl who has this product will have a cute cat to go out with every day.I patented my design and I want to protect the design that belongs to me as much as I want to protect my kittens.